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USB Flash Drives
A broad range of USB flash drives to fulfill the diversified tastes and needs of the contemporary market.
External Storage
Diversified lineup of external drives provide reliable portable storage and data backup.
Memory Cards
A complete range of flash memory cards for all kinds of devices and applications.
Solid State Drives
Mass storage device powered by flash technology. Faster, quieter, and more reliable than mechanical drives.
XPG stands for Xtreme Perfomance Gear, a new product line aimed at those who seek maximum performance.
DRAM Modules
Total memory solutions suitable for all types of systems and platforms, all engineered to the strictest standards.
Mobile Accessories
Mobile accessories boost the convenience and functionality of today’s smartphones and tablet computers..
Legacy Products
View after-sales warranty and service information for discontinued products.
DDR4 DRAM Modules
A wide variety of next generation DDR4 DRAM modules for server, consumer, and gaming applications.

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