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Solid State Drives

Q1: Can I adjust Windows XP settings for more optimized SSD performance?
Q2: What does the term “4K sector” refer to?
Q3: Get your Acronis key
Q4: What should I do if my solid state drive (SSD) suddenly becomes unavailable or is not recognized by the operating system?
Q5: What is the difference between SATA 3.0 & SATA 2.0 specifications?
Q6: What is the difference between SLC and MLC flash memory chips?
Q7: What should I do if the firmware update results in the firmware not matching the latest version?
Q8: Where can I download the latest SSD firmware?
Q9: Why do I need to update the firmware on my drive? (SandForce SSD)
Q10: Do SSDs Require Defragmentation?
Q11: What is Wear-Leveling function?
Q12: What is the TRIM function?
Q13: SSDs seem to be a lot more complicated than hard drives. If I'm a PC user, can I just "set it and forget it" when using an SSD?
Q14: How do SSDs differ from hard drives?
Q15: When I use HDTune on my recently purchased SSD, I get the message: “(05) Reallocated sector count”. Is this normal?
Q16: I received an alert when I tested my SSD with HDtune. What should I do?
Q17: Why is my hard disk squawking, or making a lot of weird noise?
Q18: Do newly purchases hard drives need to be formatted? Which format is better?
Q19: How do I partition a SSD?
Q20: How can the SSD be used in a RAID 0 configuration? If I use two of the same model SSDs in a RAID 0, will the performance be increased?
Q21: Why did the computer find bad sectors on a newly purchased SSD? Does this indicate a defective product?
Q22: What are the differences between SSD & HDD?
Q23: How should I back up important data for secure storage? How long can it be stored?
Q24: How long is the expected lifespan of an SSD? How should I use an SSD to ensure the longest life expectancy? (How to properly use the SSD to minimize loss.)
Q25: When I restart my computer, my remaining capacity shown on the SSD is greater or less than before. Does this indicate a problem with the SSD?
Q26: What should I do if the data transfer speed seems abnormally slow?
Q27: When I connect the SSD, the system asks me if I want to format it!
Q28: My PC can’t detect the SSD. What can I do?
Q29: Why is my actual capacity of the product less than what is marked on the packaging? How much less capacity is reasonable?
Q30: Why can't I transfer 4GB or larger files to storage media? Why do I receive a “destination disk drive is full” message when I know there is still space available on the destination disk?